(Part 4 of 4) Pam and Harry – PAM
Most of the people who work for us are teenagers. I give them all a chance. People say they have to have experience, but I say if you don’t give them experience, how can they get it? I always encourage them, and if they pass their exams, I give them a reward. Sometimes, they have conflicts with their parents and they run away from home, so I try to help them understand, and they go back home. And some of them have left school, but after they work for me, they go back to school. Then, when they graduate and get a good job, they come back and say thanks to us.

I help older people too. They are very vulnerable, they don’t have support, and if they live alone, they feel sad because their partner passed away. I’m a good listener, and they come to our place, they sit down and have a coffee, and we share. I listen to their problems and they feel better.

This makes me feel that our business is helping others, not just my own family.

Arrived 1980

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