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Nicola Gray

Nicola Gray holds a BA Communications and MA Writing, and has worked in international education as a teacher, manager and workshop facilitator for many years. In 2015, she worked for some time in the government funded Adult Migrant English Program, where she met many refugees and other migrants from around the world for the first time in her life. Nicola subsequently founded New Humans of Australia, a social media storytelling project which details the stories of refugees and migrants to Australia. Her dream is to change the way Australians see one another.

Communications Advisor
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Cassandra Scott

Since 2012 Cassandra has worked full-time in the company she established, Contextual Communications Pty Ltd, accepting high level briefs from blue chip corporations and the public sector, and strategic assignments from start-ups and NGOs.

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Alex Wise

Alex has worked in communication roles across the corporate, government and university sectors, and holds a BA in Communication (Hons) and International Studies. She is currently undertaking a Doctor of Creative Arts degree, with a focus on memory, place and the concept of home.

Alison Elliot

Alison has worked in a number of administrative roles, but predominantly in forensic pathology, in various states and territories, and also holds a BA in Fine Art. She currently lives in Canberra working in both forensic pathology and endocrinology, is a mum and volunteers with a local charity organisation that assists victims of domestic violence by way of event planning and coordination to help raise awareness and funds.

Roselle Tenefrancia

Roselle Tenefrancia lives on the Gold Coast, and is an editor of a local boating magazine that she and her husband own. She moved to the Gold Coast from the Philippines in 2012 with her husband (an Aussie from Melbourne) and their then one-year-old son. Being a migrant to Australia, she has had to learn so many things. But despite the personal struggles – mostly emotional and psychological – she strongly believes that being an active community member has helped her in accepting things she cannot change, and has opened up opportunities to interact with many people of various backgrounds and to appreciate Australia for what it is.

Sebastian Kappen

I’m born in Germany and live already for 14 years in Darwin (not so new Human of Australia any more) Photography is my passion, I’m specialised in photographing young to old Humans. Kids' birthdays, weddings, portraits and not to forget the award winning Malak Marketplace. I love the diversity here in Darwin, where are many people from all over the world come to work and live together.

Anne Casey

I live in and love the inner west of Sydney and I also love photography, something that I have taken up later in life. Working with New Humans of Australia has given me to the opportunity to meet some incredible people so thank you Nicola!

Ryan Ammon

Ryan Ammon is an experienced, award winning Perth-based photographer with international qualifications and training. After completing a bachelor degree with honours at Edith Cowan University, Ryan has built a professional career in photography, specialising in wedding, portrait and fashion. He passes on his passion through educational programs and workshops, teaching through Edith Cowan University, World Press Photo Perth, YMCA and Shoot Photography Workshops. Ryan has also spent time photographing and teaching photo-journalism abroad; most recently in China, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. His portfolio is extensive, with work published both locally and internationally.

David Brewster

David Brewster is a Melbourne-based writer and photographer. He has been taking pictures for most of his life, since his father gave him a Kodak Instamatic 126 format camera at an early age. David’s photographic interests are broad though centre on urban and travel photography. In all his work, whether portraits or headshots, events, performance or art work, David is intensely interested in showing the authentic human element.

Alex Winner

Alex Winner is an Australian photographer specialising in Wedding Photography, Videography, Portraits and Films. Professionally operating for 4 years, he has grown a vast portfolio through his skills, networking and passionate love for the printed and digital image. Alex started his love for photography in 2007 and was trained by Newcastle Practitioners, through hands on experience in conjunction with other professional photographers. Since creating his business, Alex has gone on to showcase his talents through film and video, founding the Newcastle based production company 7 Heads Productions in 2014. Producing short films and media for various networks, Alex is working his way into the film industry with the ambition of Cinematography in mind.

Simone Cheung

I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Australia when I was six years old. I came from a lower socioeconomic background, and witnessed a lot of physical violence between my parents. My life experiences drove me to my passion and desire to dedicate my life to the community and especially to people from disadvantaged backgrounds. A largely self-taught photographer, I have had an interest in photography since I got my hands on my parents' film camera when I was about 10 years old. My photography is all about capturing those simple, ordinary moments in an extraordinary way. I want to show that every single person regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or social status has that magical moment just waiting to be captured.

Travis Kittel

As a heavy diesel mechanic I wanted to have a hobby I could do in my free time, so I started my photography journey back in 2009 when I moved to Canada and was travelling a lot, focusing primarily on landscapes and Astro photography, I have slowly branched into portraiture. Having moved back home to Australia I am now taking photos whenever I get time available and am not working. It’s my true passion.

Pia Jessen

Pia Jessen is passionate about photography and adventure travel. She loves to photograph people of the world and learn about their everyday lives, their cultures and traditions. She has held roles with the Australian Photographic Society and has been involved with her local camera club organising the event program, special events and presentations. She has won many international awards for her photography and has judged numerous National and International Photography Salons.

Adriana Watson

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer with a love for connecting with real people. Born in Brazil, I left home to travel the world, then along the way I met the love of my life, a good Aussie Bloke. In 2010 Australia became home. I’m now a mother of two gorgeous girls and a furry four-legged daughter. I like to say that I’m in the business of documenting memories. Whether that is a wedding, life milestones, family portraits, I’m there. My style of photography is natural, relaxed yet elegant with a little fashion flare. I’m highly inspired by contemporary fashion and photojournalism. I hold a diploma in photoimaging.

Peter Damo

Peter is an Australian based photographer living in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. He has worked as a photographer for nearly 20 years freelancing in the areas of commercial photography, both on location and in a studio. Throughout his career his main interest has been in landscape for which he has won awards and his images used locally and overseas on book covers and events promotion. He’s currently working on a project titled ‘Elemental Fantasy’ which brings together his efforts of the past 20 years in a set of images engaging the viewer in the complexities of nature and their own life.

Davina Jogi

Davina Jogi is an award-winning photojournalist from Harare, Zimbabwe who relocated to Perth in 2015 with her Australian husband, Steven Dean. Together they set up TwoDee Creative, a film and photography company based in Bridgetown, WA that provides visual storytelling for families, businesses and not-for-profits. In her personal work, Davina focuses on documenting social justice issues and has a particular interest in stories of identity and migration. Davina is also a founding and current director of the Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP), which provides practical support and project-based training to women photographers. She believes that, especially in the part of the world she comes from, the role of a journalist is as a storyteller and advocate.

Gabi McDonald

I am a professional photographer with my Bachelor of Arts Photography from RMIT University. Growing up, I always had a creative mind, immersing myself in the Arts and inquisitive play. As I’ve progressed through life this creative nature has driven me towards a career in photography. Historically, one line of my family has also followed this path. Two generations were official photographers for Sydney and ran printing businesses. They were innovators in and around Sydney up until the first world war and carried the name, Degotardi. Like them, I aim to create, capture and document. To me, producing images is about capturing the essence of a true moment- Authenticity of self, vibrancy of personality & depth of emotion. Photography gives us the opportunity to explore, be surprised, create something meaningful and to feel everyday.

Michael Glass

I took up photography as a way to fill the hole left by 25 years of military service, and as a way to heal from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I needed a way to view the world through a different prism; to view the world without threat. I started taking photographs of landscapes and cityscapes. I enjoyed taking time alone - but it was also a great way to hone my technical skills. As my confidence grew, so did my love of photography. I am now able to engage people in full portrait sessions, as well as put my work into exhibitions and competitions. I recently placed third in my category during this year’s Royal Brisbane Show. Other areas that I enjoy photographing include sport and toys (don’t judge me). I had the opportunity to shoot for the Brisbane Lions Football Club this year; which was a real privilege. My family has been instrumental in my recovery. Photography has allowed me to express myself.

Donna Larcom

Born in Melbourne I studied a BA in photography at RMIT. Photographing people and places has always been a great passion, its kind of like “seeing something and being able to save it for later”. In 1996, I along with another colleague established a portrait and wedding business in Townsville, North Queensland. Having grown up here, in Australia and also having had the wonderful experience to travel a lot, I love being a part of the melting pot of cultures that Australia is. I love this diversity that is all around us. I believe that photography can also be a vehicle to assist in helping us to be more compassionate and understanding of others around us. Everyone has a story.

Hayley Kotzur

I was born and have lived in rural Australia my whole life, now currently studying a Bachelor of photography and graphic design at Charles Sturt University. I was have been awarded the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Prize 2017, and was awarded 6th place in the Australian Photographer of the Year 2017, in the black and white category. This came from my unique eye into photographing things that many people don't often notice. I enjoy making photographs that can tell a story relating to the emotions and the human form. I like to see the unique nature and beauty that comes out of this type of photography.