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Partner Stories

To reach Australians highly engaged in refugee and new migrant stories, SBS partnered with New Humans of Australia to produce a photo series featuring personal stories relating to themes in Safe Harbour. These stories were highly engaging, reaching over 600K people on the New Humans Facebook page and 475K on SBS Australia.

Safe Harbour is an Australian commissioned drama that follows a group of friends on a sailing holiday and discover a struggling fishing boat overloaded with asylum seekers. Deciding to tow the refugees, they wake the next morning and find the fishing boat gone. One question hangs over it all… who cut the rope between the two boats?

Migrants bring new perspectives that allow us to compete in a globalised economy, yet stories of their contribution to Australia are rarely told. TransferWise believes being Australian is about recognising where and who we are now and where we hope to go, as much as where we’ve come from. That’s why we partnered with New Humans of Australia for our Faces of Australia campaign, highlighting the important contributions migrants make to our community.

The Faces of Australia campaign was a great success, with story reach ranging from 24K to 129K and a high level of engagement.


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