• New Humans Of Australia Book 2

    ‘We had to take shelter under a tree in the open sky.’
    ‘My sister never stopped searching for us.’
    ‘My Dad had to carry us on his shoulder day and night.’

    This second collection will take you on an emotional and inspirational journey; from Jordan to Darwin, Syria to Sydney and Togo to Wodonga.

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  • New Humans of Australia Book 1

    ‘Loved this book. An amazing range of stories and faces – people who’ve faced huge adversity and have overcome it to achieve amazing things through persistence and resilience. It really puts your own life in perspective and makes you feel inspired about the human spirit. I would love to see more people read this book and shift their perspective on people who come to Australia as refugees.’ Abi Thomas

    The best of the first years of the New Humans of Australia blog, full of classic stories!


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