I came to Australia from Bangladesh on a partner visa. Because I had a diverse background working with multinational companies in IT and a master’s degree from Thailand, I didn’t think it would be difficult to find a job here. However, although I was able to get a few interviews, I wasn’t offered any roles.

I started to feel worried, but after a few weeks, someone suggested I enrol in the Adult Migrant English Program at Navitas, which was great advice.  

Because I had a higher level of English than some of the other students in my class, I soon started to help them where I could. As a result, after two months, I was asked to become a volunteer tutor, which I was very happy to do!

Navitas also suggested I take their Customer Service course. In that course, I not only learned about many important skills for the Australian workplace, but also about how I could improve my interview performance. The teacher, Michael, was one of the best teachers I have ever had, as he really knew how to motivate the students.

Next, I decided to apply for any job I could get, so I took my resume in person to every shop around! And after a week, I got an interview call from the manager of TK Maxx. Even though I didn’t have any previous experience in retail, she gave me a chance, and that was how I got my first part-time job in Australia.

At the same time, I enrolled in a Cert IV and Diploma in IT Networking at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). At first, I felt unsure about whether I should pursue this study, because I already had my Bachelor and Master’s degree in Engineering. But then I understood the value of strengthening my overall theoretical and practical background in IT as well. After a while, I was also offered the chance to do peer tutoring at CIT and of course I accepted.

Meanwhile, I found a part-time IT job at Technowand as an IT Support Technician. I was very happy about that, but at the same time, my life suddenly became very busy. I was still working at TK Maxx on the weekends. I was doing full time study. And soon my wife and I were expecting a baby! Sometimes I needed to study until three am, so it was hard for us to find time to spend together. That was a really tough time.

But hard work pays off. I finally got my Diploma, and to make things even better, my job application for an IT Lab Manager position at CIT was successful.

 A few months later, we were blessed with a baby girl!

I don’t know what’s next for me, but I hope I can continue to learn and to make a contribution here in Australia. Maybe one day I’ll become a teacher. I’ve realised that I love teaching, and I cannot express enough gratitude to all of my great teachers at Navitas and CIT who have helped me on this journey.

I’m still working as a volunteer tutor with Navitas, because I really want to help others achieve their dreams in Australia. Recently, I was asked to speak to a group of migrant students, and what I told them was: Life is not a bed of roses. When you arrive in a new country, you may need to forget who you were before and start from the very beginning again. But the government here gives you so many opportunities, so grab them and do your best to make a difference in Australia!



Arrived 2019

This story was brought to you by Navitas Skilled Futures. Since 1988, NSF has supported over 300,000 people to live their best lives in Australia, through the delivery of the Adult Migrant English Program and other programs. To find out more, enrol, or recommend to a friend, visit: https://bit.ly/3hA0MlF

Photographer: Eva Schroeder www.instagram.com/eva.schroeder.photographer