My parents sent me to Melbourne to study. At first, I was really reluctant to leave Malaysia, and nervous about being alone. But on my third day here, I picked up a magazine from RMIT and saw they were looking for officers for their student association. Joining that association changed my life. I was appointed Publicity Officer in my first year, and President the next, and the work we did really started my passion for making a difference.

A big turning point for me was when I volunteered for the Royal Children’s Hospital, working in the Starlight Express Room with critically ill children. For two years, 4 hours a week, I worked with a team of volunteers to make the play center the best place ever, so the kids could forget about their condition and just enjoy themselves. Initially, I thought it would be an easy task but when I heard the children’s stories, and their parents confided in me, it was quite difficult. I lost a few kids during my time, which was very hard, but I thought if I could have at least just made someone happy for an hour or two, that was enough.

Since then, I’ve always looked for opportunities to give back whenever I can. I’ve worked for 8 years as a Youth Project Officer in the City of Melbourne, running programs and events for young people, including international students. And I spend most of my hours outside work volunteering, that’s how passionate I am about it. I’m an Ambassador for Welcome to Australia and Bully Zero Australia Foundation, and I also do some work for the AFL Victoria’s Multicultural Program as well as Melbourne Victory. The thing I really like is bringing people together into a space where they can exchange ideas, and make new connections.

Arrived 2001

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