I’m an asylum seeker with work rights living in Sydney. As soon as I arrived in Australia, I started working as a volunteer, because I knew that even though I had 15 years’ experience in IT in my country, it would be hard to find a professional job in Australia without local experience. I first volunteered in two places – in an IT company that refurbished computers, and in a community centre, teaching seniors how to use their laptops.

At that time, I was living in a hostel room with 6 other people, so it was very hard for me to find work because I wasn’t sleeping well. Later, I was moved to an accommodation service where I had my own room, but after 3 weeks the staff were pushing me to apply for Centrelink in order to pay the rent. I didn’t want to take that money, and I told them I could find a job in my field.

Luckily, at that time, I was put in touch with Nirary from Refugee Talent, and he very quickly helped me to find part time IT work at two companies – one which imported textiles for school uniforms, and the other with the Refugee Council of Australia.

After that, I told my accommodation provider I had a job, that I didn’t need Centrelink, and that I would be moving out. I’m very grateful to Nirary for helping me in this way.

Arrived 2014

Refugee Talent is a social enterprise which provides an easy to use, online platform that matches companies offering opportunities with skilled refugees seeking work. If you would like to connect, click here: http://refugeetalent.com