I came to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan, so my level of education wasn’t very high when I got here. The first school I went to was Milperra, which is a school mostly for migrants who speak English as a second language. It’s a great place, because when you go there you’re all on the same page. Then, I was lucky enough to get a 2 year scholarship to go to Brisbane Grammar for my year 11 and 12.

At first, it was extremely challenging to get your head around how the school worked. The standards were so high. None of the students would ever waste time. You’d go to class and bam, the lesson started! All the boys were great though – they all asked me lots of questions about Afghanistan, and I’m still friends with a lot of them.

I’m now doing a double degree in Law and Justice, which I chose because of my background. I’ve seen a lot of suffering – I’m Hazara, so my ethnicity has been persecuted for a very long time in Afghanistan. When I finish, I just want to get out there and make a contribution to the community.

I already volunteer a lot. I do a homework club for new migrants, I’m the Vice President of the Youth Voice Committee, and I’m a peer mentor to an 11 year old boy from Iran.

The other day the Dean of Law said to me, ‘Raziq, I can’t wait until you graduate. I want to hold you up and show the world who you are!’

Arrived 2010

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