Here’s part 2 of Vincent’s story –
one of the great stories in the just released New Humans of Australia Book 3 – heartwarming and inspirational – the perfect gift for Christmas:

(2/2) At first, Mum joined Dad selling stuff outside the temple, but finally after six years, they decided to immigrate to Australia for a better life. Just before they left, Dad had this crazy idea of approaching a Japanese rice cooker company and saying “I’m going to Australia. Your products aren’t sold in Australia so can I be your sole distributor?” And they agreed!

As a result, my parents were really busy when I was young. Every day, Dad was out there connecting with people – I think he went to every shop in every Asian area in Melbourne and Sydney.

These days if you mention rice cookers to any Asian person in Australia, they’ll know the brand because he went out there and promoted it.… More