(4/4) I arrived in Australia as a refugee last year. I really like the Australian people and the country, but I still feel like everything is foreign and strange, especially because I can’t speak English well yet, so some days I feel a bit down. Mostly, I miss being active in my political work.

In India, I had many different roles and positions – as an editor, as an author, as a journalist, and as a research assistant. I served as Director of the Ngaba Trust for Universal Education, as Vice President of the Regional National Democratic Party of Tibet, and as General Secretary of the Ex-political prisoners’ association of Tibet.

One day, when my English is better, I want to be an English journalist and writer so I can continue to fight for the Tibetan cause.

In Tibet, we know there will be consequences to our protests, but we have such a strong spirit – even though we know we will be tortured and beaten, we are fearless and we never lose hope. Every day the Chinese come to our villages and shout through a megaphone, today we’re going to kill ten people in jail because they have not listened to us! But instead of making us scared, this gives us more energy. We think, ten people have died, so why should they die for nothing? They think it makes us weak but it makes us stronger.

Arrived 2015

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