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  • New Humans Of Australia Book 2 - e book


    ‘We had to take shelter under a tree in the open sky.’ Mohib, Myanmar

    ‘My sister never stopped searching for us.’ Mayom, South Sudan

    ‘We survived by selling clothes on the street.’ Ahmad, Iran

    New Humans of Australia 2 is a curated collection of remarkable refugee and migrant stories gathered from all around Australia, and beautifully photographed by a range of volunteer professional photographers. More than a photography book, it shares the touching and inspiring stories behind the newest arrivals to our land, detailing their journeys, their struggles and their triumphs. The book not only celebrates the multicultural country we live in, but also shows that what we all can achieve is almost limitless if we put our mind to it. 

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  • New Humans of Australia Book 1 - e book


    ‘Mum shared that egg with all the family.’  Adam, Vietnam

    ‘I walked for 10 days, carrying my brother on my back.’  Roda, Ogaden

    ‘Once you’ve run away for your life, there’s just no fear.’  Azedah, Iran

    This is the first book of the New Humans of Australia series. Containing a range of fascinating migrant stories, the book is heartwarming and inspirational, and reminds us of just how lucky we are to be living in Australia.

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