Would you like to tell your migration story? Currently, I am looking for stories of people from ANY COUNTRY who have migrated to Australia at any time in their life.
You can get in touch with me here: https://rb.gy/kd5kqu 😊
πŸ‘‰What is New Humans of Australia?
New Humans of Australia is a platform for migrants to tell their migration stories to the people of Australia.
πŸ‘‰Will I need to tell my story on video?
No, you will tell your story to me on Skype or Zoom. I will record the audio only, and edit down your story so that it is not too long.
πŸ‘‰Can I check my story before it is published?
Yes, you can. You have total control over the final version of your story.
πŸ‘‰How long will it take?
Usually we will speak for around 30-45 minutes. That's it!
πŸ‘‰Can I tell my story anonymously?
Yes, you can. We can use a photo of your hands instead of your face.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you!
https://rb.gy/kd5kqu 😊
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