capture their stories

Everyone has a story. Let us tell yours. 

Preserve your loved ones cherished memories forever with an ultra high-quality custom video, story or printed book your family will treasure for generations to come.



Learn about their life—before it’s too late.

Our stories are like jewels––valuable treasures passed down through generations. However, unlike jewels, stories can never be recovered if they’re lost. 

Record and share your family’s stories for all time with our professional story-crafting service.

Our caring team of experienced professionals interview your loved ones and transform their life stories into stunning, high-quality keepsakes, cherished by your family.  

A beautiful video, stylised PDF, or fine-crafted hardcover book make unique and meaningful gifts for holidays or special events.

Don’t wait for ‘some other day.’ Preserve the funny anecdotes, touching memories, adventures, and life lessons that shaped your loved one now––while there’s still time.

Let us create a family treasure. Let us tell their story.

why choose us?

There’s no substitute for experience. With over a decade of professional writing, interviewing, film production, editing, and publishing experience, we create high-quality videos and beautiful publications that your family will treasure for years. 

With New Humans of Australia, you’ll experience:

  • Warm, sympathetic interviews that instantly put people at ease
  • Polished writing and flawless editing
  • Professional photography that captures your loved one’s personality
  • Publisher-grade print layout and design

Explore our work: Browse over 300 personal stories on our much-loved blog or leaf through our series of coffee table books to learn what we can create for you.

recent testimonials 

Sharing personal stories builds stronger connections. We’ve helped dozens of families tell their tales. Here’s what they say about our work:

Amazing that you have captured so much of their lives and connection and the emotions and energy that go with all the events…”

“I don’t have the words to describe how grateful I feel for reading their stories- things I didn’t know before, or things that have been clarified from fuzzy kid memories. And to feel like I understand so much more about them as people and parents. What a gift, thank you so much. “

 Story options

Capture the stories you want––exactly how you want them. Our flexible, affordable plans match every creative vision and make fantastic birthday or holiday gifts.  


We’ll interview your loved one and create a simple edited or raw video for you to keep forever.

Our friendly, expert interviewers make your family members feel comfortable and relaxed, while perfecting details like setting and lighting. 


We’ll conduct a series of thorough interviews with your family member, then create a detailed and loving account of their precious memories in writing. Finally, we’ll expertly arrange the story in an attractive, print-ready layout, complete with photos.

The final product, a beautiful PDF, can be shared and stored digitally or printed at your convenience. For extra polish, we can also schedule professional photo sessions.


Discover the ultimate keepsake: a beautiful, hardbound book, detailing the incredible life of your loved one. Capture family memories, photos, and life lessons in a professionally-designed book with high-quality paper. 

Learn stories you’ve never heard before and delight your family with a long-lasting heirloom that can be held and shared for years to come.


pricing options

Capture the stories you want––exactly how you want them.

Our flexible, affordable plans match every creative vision and make fantastic birthday or holiday gifts.


Our friendly, experienced experts interview your loved one and provide a high-quality video.

  • Unedited video: from $200 
  • Edited video: from $400

Beautifully designed print layout of your loved one’s story with photos, delivered in a high-resolution PDF.  

  • Short Story* (1000 – 5000 words): $300 – $800
  • Longer Story* (6000 words+): $900 (add $100 for every extra 1000 words)
  • Longer Story – Couple* (10000 words+): from $1500
    Each partner shares their individual story up to when they meet, then they share the story of their life together.
Share your loved one’s cherished memories and photos in a premium hardcover book with professional design layout, printed on high-quality paper.  

  • Hardcover book*: Add $100 to PDF prices above

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